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Most of us know things that start from the heart rather than the brain are the most risky endeavors. However, they sure do fill one's life with purpose and dedication. At mindwatts, we are passionate about making things better, smarter and fun. In our optics, the key is knowing when and where to draw the line, to discern between ongoing pursuits and deliberate phases or chapters of our journey. 

As people who grew up in different parts of the world, we understand the opportunities and challenges out there. When it comes to product development and design. Our motto is simple: when others ask why, we ask — why not?

After several years in Medical Device industry, leading pan company initiatives in product development, integration, post-market quality and health solutions, we kicked off mindwatts in 2016 to launch basic consumer products. We are always learning new things and calibrating to market needs. We work every day to do things that are meaningful and fulfilling in life. And we want to do this with authenticity and transparency from the get-go, so when things are said and done, you may remember the work but you will definitely remember the people behind it. Anything less, we wont be true to ourselves.

 We are not perfect, but we consciously endure to get there and do right by everyone we meet. There is one thing we get hung up on, that’s accountability! We hold ourselves accountable for our reputation and success. We realize we are responsible for the product until satisfaction is met.


our team


Founder, Industrial Engineer, Chief Idea Officer

Keerthi has been fascinated with hardware and inventions since he was old enough to stick a wire into a breadboard. He designed and worked on a robotic guide cane concept for the visually impaired in his student days and later went  on to  manage medical device performance at Medtronic Inc. Keerthi is a serial product developer holding several patents, and an astrophysics enthusiast (Yea he gets wild with those big questions!). On the home front, he is married to his college sweetheart and has twin girls who are 5 and lives in Minnesota.

Since founding mindwatts, Keerthi enjoys testing feasibility of new concepts and market validation. His expertise ranges from Lean MFG, DFM, Six Sigma to supplier selection, project and product lifecycle management. His engineering background has been infused with business management and continuous improvement principles.  Keerthi holds a Master’s degree in Industrial and Engineering Management from North Dakota State.


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Electronics Authority, Head of Engineering
Matthew is a one-of-a-kind electronics engineer, outdoorsman, and horseman. Matt has a knack  for seeing the solution or the real challenge first and then has the ability to methodically get there. He is a terrific engineer, who is humble and carries the Minnesota nice all the way.  He is always up for learning new things, tearing apart old things, and creating awesome products somewhere in between.. 

Matt leads the electronics product development at Mindwatts and is always excited to be a value-add member of the team. Matt holds a Bachelor's degree in Electronics Engineering from University of Minnesota.

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CAD Commander
Collin is our newest addition to mindwatts, he is an expert designer with a ton of experience in the Adobe Creative Suite and Solidworks. He is a cultural enthusiast and a proactive problem solver. His intuitive design and attention to precision is second to none. He has overseen several medical devices from design concept/ideation through to production. His expertise also includes injection molding and electromechanical design. His industrial design portfolio includes medical devices, toys, motorcycles, outdoor recreation, and infant assist products. Collin is Minnesota's own with Bachelor of Arts from the University of Wisconsin.

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