Our Motivation

Part of the Mindwatts vision is to cultivate learning in our communities. We also hope to serve and be involved in the educational and aspirational goals of today's youth. Growing up such resources were not cheap and nearly non-existent, we know how such programs can change a kids perspective and build colorful dreams and aspirations. We have witnessed it firsthand in our lives. 

We believe that the classroom alone cannot fully meet a child's educational and aspirational needs. A supporting community is needed and we all need to chip in — innovators and the futurists alike.
Our educational services support the United States STEM initiative. STEM, which stands Science Technology Engineering and Math, supports broadening the study of engineering. Our "Kids Create" program is a way for us to bring STEM education to all children, as opposed to only those in gifted programs.

Our Approach

We aim to be a learning community of diversity and excellence. We strive to create memorable, fun and innovative educational experiences, coached and taught by high quality and caring team members.  We believe that we can empower life-long learners to follow their dreams and make a lasting impact by building their skill and confidence to create electronics or engineering solutions from a young age.

Our enrichment programs and teaching methods are based on the principle of strengthening the required twenty-first century skills, the Four C's:

  1. Critical Thinking
  2. Communication
  3. Collaboration
  4. Creativity

Enrichment programs

Ages 5 -15

Experiment with electronics and coding: build robots and gadgets!
Kids get introduced to arduino boards, sensors, motors, wheels, connecting wires, driver IC and many more electronic components.  They get to know about the kit and prepare yourself to step into the world of invention. No prior coding or electronic knowledge and experience required. Students will build a remote controlled robot with wheels, motors, distance sensors, line follower detection, and more! They will build projects that require to draw on their knowledge of engineering, science and mathematics concepts. 

Projects for example may include: 
•    Mobile, or drawing robot
•    Moving robotic arms built based on lever and automation mechanism
•    Coding and alarm or detection

Visual coding will be used to program Arduino and sensors. Students will learn advanced logic and algorithm development to perform different tasks. More in-depth activities include introduction to AI robots, motors, electronics, sensors, digital logics, controlling LEDs displays, servo motors vs. DC motors, controlling DC motors and servo motors, using a laptop as a remote control device, geometrical patterns, using infrared, passive infrared, and touch and ultrasound sensors.

Activities: robot assembly, coding, debugging and testing, experimentation, competition.


Ages 5 -15

3D Printing Workshop
The popularity and awareness of our 3D Printing Workshop is exploding! It is breaking down barriers in design and manufacturing, and making what was previously impossible possible for anyone with just a basic understanding of the technology.

This section of our program aims at igniting the "maker" spirit in students through a hands-on learning of 3D design and printing. Students get an understanding of technologies, processes and materials that make 3D printing possible. Participants will use 3D software design tools and experiment by designing their own models or modifying existing models. Every student gets to print their own design!

Sections include:
•    3D Printing
•    3D Models and 3D Modelling
•    3D Printing Process


Ages 8 -10

We use popular Visual Programming tools such as Tynker™ and Scratch from MIT Media Labs to engage and teach kids programming concepts.
We want students to have an exciting and engaging experience while learning computer science principles like loops, conditional statements, variables and more. This course is not just for aspiring coders, this course will help kids get a great foundation in computational thinking and problem solving, required by any profession in the future.