Our Development Services:

We provide our "making" services at a highly competitive price.

A unique itemized service structure for product design and development services.

Optional community-involved design, development and profit sharing platform for external consumer product submissions.

Our Control Plan:


1.    Provide professional quality services on time and on budget. 
2.    Develop a collaborative follow-up strategy to gauge performance with all clients. 
3.    Implement, maintain a quality control and assurance process for all projects.

Our Promise:

We will focus on your project and your vision from day one and gradually materialize it with the right technology and market needs.

Given our combined experience in engineering, design and project management, we have the aptitude to take your design project and exceed expectations. We work a lot with entrepreneurs, inventors and small business owners.

Pre-Design Assessment Fees:

Concept Analysis with our five-point evaluation —  $80

IP Evaluation and Prior Art Search  —  $200

Concept Industrial Design  —  $200

Concept Design (plus part geometry tolerance for mold designs)  —  $500

Prototype Mockup 3D Model (material supplies not included)  —  $600-$1000

Prototype Electronics (material supplies not included)  —  $900 - $1500

Need additional services? If you have custom request maybe or questions, please drop a line!